17 - Happy New Beer
1 Jan 2019
Brian Trammell
2 minute read

Brewed 1 Jan 2019 | Kegged 12 Jan 2019 | Yield 19 L / 4.7% (11.3°P → 2.4°P)

keg label

When one brews beer on New Year’s Day, the name suggests itself. Had this one been dry-hopped to within an inch of its drinkability, in full Brooklyn style before sour beer and craft whisky became a thing, it’d be called Hoppy New Beer instead, but that’s not my thing, so we’ll go with the less complex (but IMO ultimately better) pun.

This is basically just Batch Sixteen with a bit of Citra and Cascade added to the mix, and US dry yeast instead of the Belgian, to ‘states it up a bit.

Grain Bill

Same as Batch Sixteen.

  • 2150g Pilsner malt (7 EBC)
  • 2150g Light Wheat malt (4 EBC)
  • 320g Dinkel malt (4 EBC)
  • 80g Acid malt (5 EBC)


Same as Batch Sixteen.

  • 25g organic orange peel
  • 25g whole coriander seeds


As with Batch Sixteen, I crushed whole grains with a stone flour mill. This time I set the grind finer, and ground the wheat malt finer still. While I got an extra degree of initial gravity, and the sparge (8L, 78°C) took a more reassuring 14 minutes, it doesn’t seem to have made much difference to ABV.

Mash program is the same as Batch Sixteen.

  • Mash in 23L @ 54°C
  • 30 min @ 62°C
  • 40 min @ 65°C
  • 10 min @ 72°C
  • 5 min @ 75°C
  • 5 min @ 78°C


I boiled the wort for five minutes before adding the first hops, then added hops and spices as follows:

  • Bittering: 60 min 20g 11.6% Ariana
  • Bittering: 60 min 10g 13.2% Citra
  • Flavor: 30 min 25g whole coriander seeds
  • Flavor: 30 min 25g chopped organic orange peel
  • Aroma: 3 min 27g 3.3% Callista
  • Aroma: 3 min 8g 13.2% Citra

Pitching and Fermentation

Cooling to 24°C with an immersion cooler took 38 minutes. Initial gravity was 11.3°P. Pitched 11.5g of Safale US-05, to 20L of wort. Enthusiastic fermentation started after 24 hours, and continued for about two days.

Bottling and Kegging

a keg of happy new beer

Final yield was 19L, primed with 100g table sugar in 300mL of water. I kegged 8.6L (pressurizing to 0.5atm) and bottled the remainder.

How is it, then?

Another halfwit turns out as expected: the green beer is refreshingly fruity and nicely hoppy. It’s an American white ale, like it says on the tin.