7 - Boilover
21 Feb 2016
Brian Trammell
1 minute read

Brewed 21 Feb 2016 | Bottled 5 Mar 2016 | Yield 17.5 L / 6.4% (16.2°P → 3.7°P)

Details coming soon. This was my last partial mash brew. It boiled over - twice, the second time while I was explaining what a boilover was to some friends - and the cleaning of the kitchen took twice as long as the actual brewing.

This was heavy and caramel-sweet after a couple months in the cellar. I forgot about it and drank a bunch of Easter Steam and Sheepgoat instead. Thought about pitching it down the drain to get the bottles back. Tried one in August (just in case) and it had matured very, very nicely. Lesson: leave high final gravity beers to bottle condition for longer.